Friday, November 24, 2017

A remruatna-a lungawi

Ka thil chhiar hian ka rilru a luah em avangin chhiartute’n in hriat ve ka duh e. Pathian hian Amah tihtute tan hian an thatna turin engkimin a thawh sak thin tih kan hria a. Bible-ah chuan Jacob-a chuan nupui hlawhin kum sarih ngawt mai apu Beram a veng a. Chutih lai chuan a beisei zawk Rakili ni lo in a pu chuan Leaii a pe ta mauh mai a, a lungawilo hle mai. Jacob chan hlir hi kan suangtuah fo a Leaii chan hi kan chhut ngai awm lo e, a hmangaih miah loh leh a ngaihzawn hauh loh chu apain nei turin a ti a ni a, a hreawm ve hle ang. Nimahsela Leaii hian thu a awih a, chu a thuawihna chuan nghawng thui tak a lo nei a ni. A thlah kal zel hi Nang leh Kei chhandamtu lo pianna tur ziding inthlah chhawng zel chu a lo ni ta zawk a nih chu!

Jacob-a leh Leaii ang hian Pathian remruat hi kan thlirna atangin kan lo teh ve fo thin a, kan lungawilo fo thin. Mahse kan Lalpa rem min ruat sakna hi kan tan atha zawkin Ama ropuina tur zel hian min lo thawh sakthin alo ni. Lalpa-ah chuan chawl la, Amah chu nghak fan fan rawh tih hi a him dam a, a hahdam em em a ni. Lalpa remruat Amen nun hi kan tan athatna tura min thawk sakna tur a lo ni.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Even IF

Nice to hear, good music, god lyrics

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A sad news for Football Fraternity in India

On May 1,

2017 the heroes of the Hero I-League champions 2016-17 landed at their home town where they were met at the airport by hundreds of supporters eagerly awaiting their return. They were paraded through the streets of Aizawl to AR Ground for where a formal function of welcoming the champions was conducted by Mizoram Football Association (MFA). Fans across the town gathered and soon filled the stadium. Robert Romawia Royte, the owner of Aizawl FC, Lalnghinglova Hmar, Executive Secretary of AIFF and Hon. Secy of MFA and other few dignitaries gave speeches lauding the team.This was followed by musical performances,  so much a part of the Mizo culture.  The Ground was filled with jubilant singing and dancing.  On a sad note,  one of the AFC fans,  F. LALNUNZIRA of Kolasib, Gosen Veng accidentally fell from the terrace on which he was celebrating. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, Civil Hospital and was admitted in ICU. Unfortunately,  he passed away on may 3,2017 at 11:27 AM Aizawl FC on their part right from the beginning took the initiative of handling the situation by providing monetary and physical support to the injured person. When the news of his death was heard by the fans and the club officials, they all gathered at the hospital with their club jerseys to transfer the body to Kolasib, the village of the deceased.