Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kan hmangaih ve hle maw kan tih lai hian kan thiante chuan "infatuation" mai mai a ni ang min tih sak a. An dai thuk ve dawn a maw ni le? kan tih ang te hmangaih hle in an sawi ve thung a. A reichhung leh a lo chawrchhuah dan te chu an ngaihdan theuhin an sawi hlawm a, kan in awih sak lem hleilo a! Hmangaihna chu enge a nih chiah a, engtia lo chhuak nge ni ta ang? Pathian thu thianghlim meuh pawhin a ngai pawimawh bawk si. Nge ni a, hmangaihna hi a lo awm lo zawk? Hmangaihna thuk leh thuk loh dan chu reilo deuh te, rei deuh te a teh chi em mi ni dawn? Nge ni a, he thu ropui tak hi kan sawifiah thiamlo zawk?

Ka hriatthiam ve dan tlem te ka han thai teh ang. Hmangaihna chu eng ang pawhin lo chhuak se a rei emaw reilo emaw a lan chhuahna ber chu Sacrifice (inpekna) ah hian a ni. Inpekna a thuk pauh leh hmangaihna pawh a thuk mai thin. Kan bula mite nawmna turin kan duhzawng thenkhat te ka phatsan thin a ngai a. "Kei" hlir inngaihtuahna-ah chuan chu hmangaihna chuan awmzia a nei thuilo a, a lo dai thuai thin. Chu inpekna atanga thil dawn chu phutluihna tel avanga chhuak a nilo a, thinlungin ti tur a a hrilh ang zel a luang chhuak zawk a nih avangin a thlumin dawnsawn a nuam thin.

Chu hmangaihna chuan khawvel a thinlung sak ber pawh a ti nem thei a, kulhbing sang ber pawh a tawn tlangin tlangsang ber pawh a lawn chhuak thin. Ramri hian awmzia a nei nep a, a thinlung a dah tawh avangin. Amaherawhchu hmangaihna a thuk tak tak chuan thikthu pawh a lo chhe ve thin bawk. Khawvel kan zin kawngah hian hmangaihna hi awm ta lo se kawng zin hreawm a va ni dawn em!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


(worth reading... not my own Email I've got from email ministry)

Each December I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I
had cut back on nonessential obligations: extensive card writing, endless
baking, decorating, and even overspending.

Yet I still found myself exhausted, unable to fully appreciate the precious
family moments, and, of course, the true meaning of Christmas.

My son, Nicholas, was in kindergarten that year. It was an exciting season
for a six-year-old. For weeks, he'd been memorizing songs for his school's
Winter Pageant. I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd be working the night
of the production.

Unwilling to miss his shining moment, I spoke with his teacher who assured
me there would be a dress rehearsal the morning of the presentation. All
parents unable to attend that evening were welcome to come then.
Fortunately, Nicholas seemed happy with the compromise. So, the morning of
the dress rehearsal, I filed in ten minutes early and found a seat in the
cafeteria. Around the room, I saw several other parents quietly scampering
to their seats.

As I waited, the students were led into the room. Each class, accompanied by
their teacher, sat cross-legged on the floor. Then each group, one by one,
rose to perform their song.

Because the public school system had stopped referring to the holiday as
"Christmas" I didn't expect anything other than fun, commercial
entertainment: songs about reindeer, Santa Claus, snowflakes, and good
cheer. So when my son's class rose to sing "Christmas Love" I was slightly
taken aback by its bold title.

Nicholas was aglow, as were all of his classmates, who were adorned in fuzzy
mittens and red sweaters, with bright stocking caps on their heads. Those in
the front row, center stage, held up large letters, one by one, to spell out
the title of the song. As the class would sing "C is for Christmas" a child
would hold up the letter "C." Then, "H is for Happy," and on and on, until
each child holding his portion had presented the complete message,
"Christmas Love."

The performance was going smoothly, until suddenly we noticed her: a small,
quiet girl in the front row holding the letter "M" upside down. She was
unaware that reversed, her letter "M" appeared as a "W."

The audience of first- through sixth-graders snickered at this little one's
mistake. But she had no idea they were laughing at her, and she stood tall,
proudly holding her "W."

Although many teachers tried to shush the children, the laughter continued
until the last letter was raised, and we all saw it together.

A hush came over the audience, and eyes began to widen.

In that instant, we understood the reason we were there, why we celebrated
the holiday in the first place, why even in the chaos there was a purpose
for our festivities.

When the last letter was held high, the message read clear:


And I believe He still is.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beiseina Isua

America rama lung natna lam Doctor chuan, "beiseina hi damdawi dang zawng zawng aiin ka hmang tangkai zawk a ni a, engkim deuhthaw hi a tidam thei a ni." a ti a. Doctor dang pakhat chuan, "beisei tur neilo khawpa mi i siam chuan a kuangah perek pakhat i kilh belah inngai rawh," a ti bawk.

Mihringnun kan zawh chhohnaah hian kawng bumro kan zawh chang te hi chu a awm theuh mai. Ka PhD zawh dawn tepah ka chesuala, ka duh hunah pawh ka thehlut thei talo a! Rilru-ah thil tamtak kanlo ruahman tawh a, vawileh khatah a bo vek mai. In lama darkartin lo chhiartu kanu min nghakhlel tak te ka rilruah a rawn lang a, kumtam tak krismas pawh kan hmang dun tawhlo a ni. Ka ruahmannaah chuan zo felin hlimtakin mahni inlum atang a U-AMA kha a ni.

Mahse mihringte hian kan nunna chungchangah hian thu kanlo neilo khawp mai. Beisei a bo a, "ala duhrei deuh ang" tih kha doctor chhanna ka dawn a ni ta mai si a. Ka ngaihtuah a thatlai chuan chak takin hringnun lawng hi kan khalh kal a, mahni kan thei ve emaw tih pawh a awl khawp mai. Hun khirh tak a lo thlen hian kan chakna zawk chu "Amah" a nihzia a lo lang chiang thin. Kan duh emaw duhlo emaw beidawnna tawpah hi chuan kan koh lawm lawm a lo ngai thin. Kei ai a harsatna lian tak tak tawng tamtak pawh an awm ngei ang. Mahni kan tawrh theuhah hian nungkhawchhuak tur chuan beiseina eng kanlo neih hi a ngai a ni.

Krismas lo awm tur pawh hi kan tan “beiseina Krista” lo pian hun a ni a. He hringnunah hian kanlo chechhe deuh a nih pawhin kan inhumhimna kulhbingsang tur a khawvel tan/ka tan a thilthlawn pek a ni. Chu kan beseina chu khawnvar eng ang a ni a, kan chhamdamna pawh a ni, kawng thim tak kan kal laiin kawng min ensak turin a engzual thin. Ni e, kan beiseina chu Krista Isua a ni a, kan thinlung thimna ata eng ala chhuak tu, van in thleng a min hruaitu tur a ni. He khawvelah hian harsatna tawk thin mah ila "Lal Isua nen engkim a ropui, lungngaih chhumpui zing mahse...kan tan a beiseina kan nun na a ni."” A ni chuan kan lungngaihna leh kan natna te pawh phur ngei a,” a thlamuan thlak ngawt mai.

The Christmas Hope Lyrics Performed by- NewSong

Her/His wish this Christmas
Was that Christmas would just pass her/him by
Nothing could reach her/him
Or answer her/his questions why
She/he feels so alone
And she/he wonders if all hope is gone


Hope is a candle
A light in the window
Showing the way for
A heart to come home
Hope is a Savior
Who was born in the manger
Sent down from Heaven
To rescue our hearts
Our Christmas hope

She/he never imagined
That for her/him there was hope to find
But isn't it amazing
How God brings a heart back to life
She's/he's smiling now she's/he's finding out
What Christmas hope is all about


Hope is a present
A gift freely given
To all who receive
And open their hearts
Hope is a promise
For a better tomorrow
In a world filled with sorrow
We always have hope
Our Christmas hope
Our Christmas hope

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Derrida kawmna! Intellectual revolution of our times

Kum 1966 Johns Hopkins University colloquium-a "Structure, sign and play in the discourse of the human science" tih a pek avang a western philosophy kal tluang lai rawn chhem nghingtu hi pa namai a nilo. Kawm phak a ka in ngaihlo avangin a lekhabu leh article ziah te hi ka ban ngailo. Tun hnai khan ka bih ve ta chauh a, a lo ropui ngei mai. He pa thusawi tum ni a ka hriat te ka han thai mai mai teh ang.

Juda mi rawn piang in a hunlai a a chipui te tihduhdahna chu a rawn tawm ve nghal a. School a kal hmasak berna ah juda mi a nih avangin hnawhchhuah a ni a. A tetlai a a tawrhna hian a hnu a thurawn ken ber central leh marginal tih hi a rawn irh chhuah phah ni in a hriat. Foot ball star nih a professional line kal a tum a tling thei silo chuan philosopher lehkhabu lamah a awntir ta zawk a. Nietzche, Rousseau, Gide, Saussure te a chhiar nasa thin hle.

Khawvel in lum let?
Khawthlang zirna pakhat structuralism an tih chuan philosopher te rilru a kuai hle. An ni ngaihdanah chuan thil engkimah hian ramri kham tu ruangam a awm a ni. Science lamah hmasawnna a lo awm bawk a, a thusawi nemnghehna turin chu thiamna chu an senglut bawk. Chutiang hmasawnna lam a khawvel thiamna a buk suau suau lai chuan an thurin chhem nghing turin Derrida a thian te Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guttari, Michel Foucault te'n theory pakhat Post-structuralism tih chu an rawn au chhuah pui ta a ni.

Enge deconstruction chu
Derrida aupui ber chu deconstruction siamtharlehna kan tih hi a ni. Derrida ngaihdan chuan khawthlang mifingte ngaihdan hi centre pakhatin hual velin a sawi a chung te chu- a lo chhuahna, Pathian awm rinna, thudik,thil lo la awm tur, intawhkhawmna. Hengte hian thilawmzia zawng zawng chu sawifiah an tum ni in a sawi. Entirnan Khawthlang khawvel thlirna chu Christian na centre ah hmangin engkim mai teh a ni a, Hindu lalna ramah India-ah te pawh an thurin kalpui Casteism hmang a teh vek a ni. Chutak mai a centre lai zuk sawn a, Christian emaw Hindu nilo lam atang a a centre kha i thlak chuan awmze dang nei thei dawn a ni. Grammar rules ah pawh nise a central word zukthlak a han remsawih khan a awmzia alo dang thin chutia tihna chu deconstruction a tih chu a ni.

Ani ngaihdanah chuan thil pakhat a awm chuan a dang pawh a awm thin entirnan mipa/hmeichhia, christian/jew, thlarau/tisa. Pakhat zawk centre a hmang a thil engkim i sawifiah chuan a leh lam chu neksawr an ni ang a aw an chhuah ve theilo ang. Mipa lalna khawtlangah chuan mipa kha alai a ni a hmeichhia te thu leh hla chu neksawr/marginalize an lo ni tawh ang. christianna a engkim teh chuan Christianlo thu leh hla chu thu dik lo pawmawmloh a lo ni tawh ang. A tet te tang a an anchipui te tawrhna a tawmpui ve avangin chaklo zawk leh hniam zawk a te dawm kan hi a rilruah a lian hle a nih a rinawm.

Chutiang a lo nih takah chuan thlirna tlang a lo dan hian khawvel kan pawmdan leh hmuhdan pawh a lo danglam tawh thin. French structural anthropologist Levi-Strauss chuan language pawh hian structure/ruangam an nei vek ni in a sawi a. "The raw and the cooked" ah chuan hnam pakhat Bororo thawnthu grammar ziak turin a fehchhuak a a han zirchiang ta a. An thawnthu ah chuan dan khat hmang a teh theih a ni hauh lo a lo hrang vek mai tih chu. He thutak hi Derrida rawn sawi chu a ni ruangam/centre pakhat a awm theilo a hnam hrang hrangte'n kan hmandan a zirin a danglam thei bawk. Entirnan english grammar danah chuan noun hnuah adjectives dah thin a ni a, French ah chuan a ni hauhloa in kawkalh thung, a nih english rules of grammar hi central a hmangin hnamdang ziahdan hmang zirnan hmang tala a tawpah thu awmze awmlo i chhuah ngei ang. Thumal reng reng chu a awmna hmun a zirin a thukawh a danglam thei noun a nih chang a awm a verb a nih chang pawh a awm. Helai a a thuken ber chu thil engkim mai hi text in a rawn sawifiah a ti ta a ni.

Enge ropui zawk? Thusawi leh Thuziah? Rousseau chuan French khawtlangnun tawp lutuk chu thil thalo tak a nih thu a sawi a, Pathian thil siam khuarel nature chu thianghlim leh tha zawkin a sawi a. Metaphysics of presence chu thusawi ah hian a awm tih a sawi. Thusawi leh a awmzia hi thiangrialin a sawi.Thuziah erawh chu a chhiartu in a ziaktu a hmuhtheih tawhloh avangin tangkailo zawkah a dah a. Thusawi chu a sawitu ngei in thiam taka a sawi avangin a fuh zawkin a sawi. Structuralist Saussure chuan hemi sawifiahna tur hian ti hian a lo ti bawk a. Bawng hi lo awmta se, bawng ti a i lam khan a ri khan sign a siam a signifier sawifiahtu a ni a sawifiah a signified chu bawng kha a ni. Rousseau ang tho in thusawi chu dik zawk leh chak zawkin a sawi a, thuziah chu a hnuhnung zawkah a dah. Entirnan-

"Atirin thu a awm, thu chu Pathian hnenah a awm, thu chu Pathian a ni."

Thu kha a hmasak zawk avangin thudik a pawm a ni, Pathian rawn sawifiahnan a khawvela rawn tirh signifier chu Isua a ni a signified chu Pathian a ni. A chhan chu mihring zingah a ei in a in a, thu a hril thin. Chutia nih chuan ri/sound chu an dah pawimawh ta a nih ber chu.

Derrida chuan thusawi central hmang a, thuziah hnawl a nih chu a rawn sawi sel a. A ri hrim hrim chuan thilnihna sawifiah ni ta se, dictionary keu ta la bawng tih pawh chu a sawifiah turin thuziah hrang hrang i hmu ngei ang. A sawifiah zo chuanglo! Thuziak textuality erawh chu a chhiartu a zirin a danglam thei a chuvang chuan thilsawifiahnan chuan powerful zawk ni in a sawi.

Sakhuana thurin a chhem nghing thei em?
Awle, a theory laimu ber mai chu thudik kan tih hi thuziah play mai a ni a a thlirtu a zirin a danglam mai a ni tih a ni a."Keimah hi kawng leh thutak leh nunna ka ni" ti tu hi an hnial ta em ni le? Tha leh thalo ramri kan kham an rawnthiat a tuai/patil tan hmun an hawng a. "Thiangzau era" ah min hruailut mai a nilo maw? Nge Pathian chatuan ruatah hian pakhat zawk hi a central reng ang a pakhat hi awpbeh a ni ang? Khawvel tawp dawn a finna te a pung ang tih te hi a lo thleng mek em ni le? He theory hian ngaihtuahna tamtak min siam tir.. duh tawk ang a sei.

He picture hi han click chhin teh eng e i hmuh le?
Thil pahnih hmuh theih pakhat chu face/hmai a ni a pakhat lehah chuan candle a ni. Facist tan chuan hmai chauh hmuh kha a awl hle a, candlist tan pawh chutiang tho chuan. A awmzia chu thlirdan chi hnih a awm tihna mai a ni. Dik zawk central authority a awm thei talo! Thutak chu enge ni ta ang le?

Derrida work te chhiarzau duh tan- Barbara Johnson (U Chicago P, 1982)
Of Grammatology. tr. Gayatri Spivak (Baltimore: Johns UP, 1976).
Writing and Difference. tr. Alan Bass (U Chicago P, 1978).
Margins of Philosophy. tr. Jonathan Culler, et al. (U Chicago P, 1981).
Specters of Marx. tr. Peggy Kamuf (New York: Routledge, 1994).
Speech and Phenomenon. tr. David Allison (Evanston: NorthWestern UP, 1973).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mapuiinu Bekang!

Tuk thum tuk a tho rau rau zingah chuan Mapuii nu bekang kha a tui ber awm e! Chaw, dal chawm sir a phur taka thleng a a lo awm khan mi a tiphur a; thiltui dang kan ngaitawh ngailo. Theiriat vengthlang a awm te khan inrinni zing vawksa lei kan nghakhlel ang tho in mapuii nu bekang thawh hun hi kan nghakhlel thin a. Engemaw a telh bik hresilo khan a umtui thiam em em a, a um sual ngai hek lo. Naupang atang a tar thlengin a thilum zunah kan uai a, kan khua kan ngaih chhanah pawh mapuii nu bekang hi kan lam tel ve ziah thin. Rapchungah hian uluk takin a dah a vawk chaw chhum pah khan mei a vil heuh heuh thin. "Secret ingredients" hre duh tan thil chharchhuah tur a awm lem lo, a uluk hle tih bak. "Enge in hmeh dawn?" "Mapuiinu bekang".. "tren tren" tih pah a hlim taka tlan haw thin thian te hmuh chang chuan inlam a lo hmuak tur kha kan va hriatthiampui em em tawh thin. Chu nu ngei mai chu tunah hian ala dam a, ala um thin em tih erawh ka hrelo, kan khawhlui ka tlawh leh a nih chuan thla ka lak pui ngei ang.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Danglam ngamna

Hmanni chu youtube ka browse kual a, hmanlai a cartoon ka en thin “owl Jolson” tih kha ka han hmetchhuak pek a. Rilru-ah hmanlai thil tamtak alo lut a lungte pawh a leng lek lek mai.

---Movie clip en duh tan---click here

A plot tlangpui:Professor Fritz Owl (Voice, Piano and Violin) chuan fa pali a nei a, a naupang ber tihloh chu an piantirh atang rengin apa ang maiin music lamah talent an nei vek a ni. Pakhat erawh a zai a danglam a common lo. A nu leh pa an beidawng zai pangngai zirtir an tum a sawt silo, apa thinrim chuan an in atangin a hnawtchhuak ta hial a.

Owl Jolson chuan danglamna chuan khawvel a hmachhawn ta. Radio stationah audition a va nei ve a… a tawi zawngin pakhatna ava hauh ta hial a.

A sawhkhawk: Ka ngaihtuahna-ah he thu hi a rawn lut a. He khawvelah hian kristian te hian nihna dang van khua leh tui nihna neiin kan awm a, khawvel mite lakah hian kan danglam tur a ni. Liberal viau ringawt pawh hi setana hmanrua pakhat a ni. Tur chu eng ang pawhin tuam mawi mahse thihna a thlen tho. Mawi leh tha tunlai tak hian hmelmapa hian ka hmaah a chhawp a tunlai duhin kan ban a kan tuarphah thin. He khawvel sualna sang tawh takah hian “danglam ngam” ava ngai em. A tawpa Owl Jolson a danglam ngamna avang a lawman a hmu ta ang hian huaisen takin danglam ngam ve ila nunna lallukhum kan chang mai dawn a ni. Kan zawh kawng hi kawng harsa leh bumbauh a ni.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No doubt... by Petra

(Love the song and the lyrics, this song had given me wings; enjoy the lines as much as i do)
(Verse 1)
There are times when you fell like you can't go on
There are times when you fell like giving in
And there are times when you feel like you can't try anymore
There are times of trouble in believing
This test of your faith will last
As long as it takes to pass
Till you have no more doubt you'll endure
And you faith will emerge true and pure

No doubt it'll be alright
With God it'll all work together for good
No doubt in the end it will be understood
No doubt it'll all work out
With faith He can move any mountain for us
No doubt in the power of Jesus
And after all is done we find out
All we really need to have is no doubt

(Verse 2)
There's a time to take a reckless leap of faith
There's a time to be cautious and wait
And there's a way of learning from the past
That this time of trouble won't last
And sometimes we want to think we know
The ways He will choose to make us grow
But it's never the way of our choosing
And we can't always see what He's using

(Repeat chorus)

There will be winters in the seasons of our soul
With a cold and bitter wind that chills our lives
But our faith can be building a fire
That will warm us till spring time arrives

(Repeat chorus)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Engemaw kan tih tak ang le?

Mihringte hian duthu kan sam a rem kan ruat thin. Kan hmalam thu-ah zawng thu kan van neilo lulai em. Hun chep tak karah Thesis ziahzawh tumin theihtawpin ka bei ve a. Hyderabad Mizote Ni alo thleng a hmanlo inti takin kan hun tawpna te ni dawn ve bawk a tiin ka va kal ve a. Prog hlimawm tak tak kan hmang a, kutinbuanah chuan teltur an awmloh avangin telve turin min ruat a, vawi 2 lai ka pha thiante'n ka trang hmelchhelai hmuh an chak nge a rukin anlo thehlut a. A tawi zawngin final-a mi chaktak Goliatha ang mai a thahrui ngah hnehlo chuan ka ban ka ti tliak ta rawp a. Chhunzawmthei ka ni talo, hospital-ah min phur a an zai ta hial a, kar tamtak bawksawp a ngai ta.. ka tihtur ka ti theilo a, thiltih tur in kam teuh chungchuan tlangval pumpa ka hahchawl ta der der mai a ni. Doctorin kut exer lak zeuh zeuh a ngai a tih avangin he thu hi ka ziak ta a ni.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enge kan mamawh le?

Tulna avangin reitak NET ka peihlohsan hnu in ka blog traffic ka en a, "Tears language well spoken" tih ka ziah chu a hit tam ber a ni a. Ka thiante hla post ka en a "Love the way you lie" tih Rihana leh Eminem sak ka hmu bawk a, chuta ka ngaihtuah chu hei hi a ni "Khawvelah hian enge kan mamawh?" Hlim leh lawm duhin kan theih theih kan ban a, a tawpah chuan tahna mai a lo ni leh si a! Enge famkimlo awm ang a, enge kan dai sual tak ni ang?

Rilru-ah pai a awm a, pawn lamah chuan nui mahse a chhungril a rum si. Mahse han ngaihtuah teh lungngai thei, tap thei i ni chu mihring special tak i ni tih lanna daih a sin. Nui liam mai thei, engah mah ngai ve ngailo i nih chuan mihring lainatna neilo lungtum ang mai a thinlungsak leh nelawmloh i ni ngei ang. I kawngzawhlai chu enletla i tihsual a awm chuan ti tha turin in fuihla, mahni inrintawkna nei la, i hlauh tak mai chu han hmachhawn teh le. Chu harsatna i hmachhawn thiam dan a zir chuan mihring takzet i nih theih zia a rawn hril dawn a ni. Kan khawvel kawng zawh a bumboh hian vawn chhan kan zawng a, kan tlu dawn mai thin. Mahse han hawichhuak ve teh khawvel hi a mawi a nia, tanpui che chakin engkimti thei Pathian chuan a ban reng che a, i chaklohna lai enreng ai chuan i chakna chu i en zawk mai dawn nia. Natna leh lungngaihna hremi mihring kan nih tlat avangin kan inlainatna leh hmangaih tawnna te hi a lo lan chhuah tak takna chu kan mittui leh lungngaihna-ah te hian a ni fo thin!

Thenkhat te'n hlimna dang zawngin zu te an rui chiam a,an han ruih chhung chuan an rilru chu a dam ve ngei mai, mahse an han harh a angai tein an thinlungna kha a lo pun a, a lo bo aw zawnglo mai. Nun beidawngin thenkhat chuan an nunna hlutak an ti tawp a, a pawi ngawt mai. Thenkhatin sum leh paiah an tlan a mahse hlimna tluantling chu a lo lei thei ngawt silo. Keini ai a tamtak a nei film star te nun kan enchuan nunkhawharna chiang takin kan hmu a, an awhawm silo. Nakina hlim chawp tur a nilo tunah hian hlim chhan damchhan i nei ngei tur a ni. I nun kawngah i lo kal sual tawh a ni pawhin "Jesus takes the wheel" ti la, i nunah danglamna a awm ngei ngei ang.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arundhati Roy-in min rawn tlawh!

Thlirtu mipui tamtak zingah

Thil te tham te pawh hmaih ngailo Siamtu chuan a rel fel ngei e, chuta zinga a duan hringfate zingah chuan hmeltha bawk a, thuziah thiam bawk Arundhati Roy hi a tel ve ngei ang. “The God of small things” a ziah avanga kum 1997 Booker prize dawngtu Bengali nu ni si India hmarchhak Shillong-a pianga, Kerala a cheng ta chuan Monday chhun khan kan awmna university-ah min rawn tlawh a. Shekhar Kapur film siam Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi chanchin tarlanna a rawn sawisel avang a khawvelin an hriatchhoh. American linguist (The living intellectual) Noam Chomsky te dungthula thu rawn ziak a, media te’n an tarlan lemloh "a tak ram" a rawn auchhuahpui avangin he nu hi atakin hmuh a chakawm a ni.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Seyed Hasnain in lecture a chair
He nu ropui tak hi la hmulo mah ila a thuziak atangin kalo hmelhriat ve thin a. “The Algebra of infinite Justice” leh “The God of Small Things” te kha ka thianpa Sawmtea (RIP) Shillong-a kan awmlaiin ka hawh sak ve tawh. “An Ordinary person's guide to empire” a ziah tho kha ka rauh em em thin a, ka thianpa in min hawhbo sak a ka duh em avangin ka lei leh nghe nghe. Chutiang taka thuziaktu ka ngaihsan ve chuan min rawn tlawh dawn a ni. Zanah mengrei mah ila zingah ka tho a, ka thianpa tuitaka mu pawh chu kaitho lo leh dil miahlo in a camera ka lek chhuak a, lecture a pekna tur hall-ah a thusawina tur hmatakah thutna ka va rem a. Kan university professor te pawh a belkai deuh chin chu karloah an rawn fuan khawm a, lecture hall-ah chuan kan leng talo! Chhuat rem lai laiah te an thu ther fir fer hlawm a.

Ngaisangtu leh hnialchak mipui hma-ah huai takin
Anti-globalization/alter-globalization movement te, neo-imperialism a fakselna te, Global policy of US a sawiselna te, Narmada Dam lian sorkarin a tum mirethei zawkte’n an tawrhna te chu a thupui ken ber thin a ni a. Operation Green hunt chungchang pawh a thai nual tawh nghe nghe. Chutah! Ka hma-ah chuan a rawn ding chhuak a a hmel pawh a tha kher mai, media a sir a a thusawi thla lo la mawlh mawlh te kap chung chuan thu a rawn sawi tan ta a. Thusawi a thiam kher mai, a tawngkam chheh tin reng a fimkhur a, a khap sual duhlo khawp mai. Media-in a "reality" nilo an puanzar thin te, India ram sorkar chak tak mai chu corporate te control a nih zia leh Prof Kancha Ilaiah in a sawi hnamsang zawk "gundas" te chu dim hauhlo in a rawn kap a. India ram chuan a ram ngeiah militarism hmangin indo a puang a mirethei te a nghaisa a ni a rawn ti zel a, thudang tamtak pawh a sawi duh tawk ang. A bengvarthlak khawp mai.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Charminar..minar..its time for Hyderabad! (Hyderbad under Nizam/Asafjahi)

Nizam lal te hian kum 224 zet mai ro an rel a, lal chhuan kua lai an awm bawk a ni. Telangana ram hi Mughal ram bung khat Deccan Suba hnuai a awm thin a ni a. Mughal ram zaupui mai a lo kehdarh tak khan Nizam-ul-Mulk khatihlai a Deccan Subedar chuan Independent-ah a puang hmiah mai a. Kum 1724 atangin an lalna hi an rawn tan a, nihna zahawm tak “Asafjah” a rawn nei a, chuvang chuan a thlah kal zel te chu “Asafjahis” ti a koh anlo nita a ni.

Duhsakna Mughal hnuaiah:
Nizam-ul-Mulk hi Persian mi a hming tak chu Qamaruddin Khan a ni a, “Chinkilichkhan” ti a koh a ni bawk. A pu pawh hian Shahjahan leh Aurangzeb hunlai khan theihtawpin an rawng alo bawlsak tawh thin. Kum 19 mi lek ni in mi te rin phakbakin mi remhria leh fing a rawn ni a. Mughal lal ropui te pawh chuan chu tak chu an en mai mai thei biklo, tangkai thei ang ber a hman an tum tlat a ni. Aurangzeb khan Mansab nihna sang takah a hlangkai a, Aurangzeb fapa Bahadur Shah pawh khan Oudh ram a Subedar ni turin a ruat a. Farrukh Siyar phei chuan Mansab zing a sang leh zualah a hlang kai nghe nghe a ni. Sayyed unaute tlak theina tur a ruahmanna siam ber tu a ni a. hemi avang hian kum 1719 khan Mohammad Shah chuan Mughal Prime Minister turin a ruat nghe nghe a ni. Mughal Lal ram kehchhe mek tung ding leh turin theihtawp a chhuah a, mahse a beidawng chiang hle. Amaherawhchu Mohhamad hian a thawh that em avangin Deccan-ah chuan Subedar-in a thut tir a, rorelna-ah a inrawlh ngailo bawk.

Mingo an inrawlh!
Lal tha a thi a, lalna inchuhin a fapa te an buai zo leh ta. Heng zingah hian Nasar Jung leh Muzaffar Jung chu a langsar zual deuh te an ni. Nasar Jung chuan English thlawpna a dawng a, Muzaffar Jung chuan French thlawpna a dawng thung. A tawp a tawpah chuan Nasar Jung chuan hnehna a chang ta a, amaherawhchu vanduaithlak takin Kurnool, Nawab chuan a that hlauh mai a. He hun hi chuhin a rang a rangin French ho chuan Muzaffar Jung chu lalah an puang hmiah mai a, amaherawhchu an remruat angin thil a kal lo, Muzaffar pawh chu thah a ni a.

French an huangtau sawt a, Bussy chuan Mughal thuneitute hminin Salabat Jung chu Subedar ni turin an ti a. Hemi avang hian Salabat Jung hian ram thenkhat Kondavidu te, Nizampatnam leh Narasapur ram te a pe a ni. Salabat Jung hi lal sawngnawi zet mai a ni a. Amaherawhchu French thla zar hnuaiah a lal ve hram zel a ni. Ram tamtak French ho a pek vang leh lal tlawktlaw tak a nih avangin a khua leh tui te bulah a tuitla vaklo a. Carnatic Indo vawithumna ah khan English mi te chuan French mite nasatakin an hneh a. Salabat Jung pawhin tih theih a nei ta biklo, English mite kutah a tlu lut ve ta a. Salabat Jung hi a unaupa Nizam Ali Khan in kum 1761 khan a thlak ve leh a. A thil tih tamtak zing a chhinchhiahtlak deuh chu kum 1770-a Deccan khawpui Aurangbad atanga Hyderabad-a a sawn hi a ni.

Kum 1803 khan Nizam Ali Khan chu Sikander Jha in a rawn thlak a, heihi a ni “Secunderabad” hmingputna chhan chu. A hunlai hian sum lamah harsatna namenlo a tawk a, hemi avang hian English Company pawisa a puk vak mai a. Hei hian a hma ai a nasa zawkin English ho an angchhungah a hruailut ta a ni.

English thuhnuaiah a intulut zel e:
Nasiruddaula chuan kum 1829 khan lalna a rawn chang a, a ni pawh hi lal han chhuanawm vak a nilo a. English ho tlawn hurh mai zel a ni, ram tamtak Berar te, Osmanabad te leh Raichur te ba rulhnan English ho hnenah pek a ni a. Mipui te chuan English ho chu an haw hle a, hmar lam atang a English duhlohna chuan Nizam lal ram a rawn kangkai ve a, mahse hnehsawh takin English ho chuan an lo tudawl vat a.

Nasiruddaula thih hnu hian a fate zinga upa ber Afzal Uddaula chuan lalna a rawn chang ve leh a. A rawn lal hunhi hun pawimawh tak a ni a, Kum 1857 helna rawn chhuah hunlai kha a ni. India mite chuan English ho chu an ning em em tawh a, sipai ho zingah English mite duhlohna liantak a chhuak a hei hian India ram hmun hrang hrang a kangkai a, Nizam lal ram pawh a rawn kangkai a ni. Nizam lal ram a sipai Aurangbad leh Boyinpalli a mite chu an hel ve ngei a, amaherawhchu Nizam chuan hneh takin a tudai a. He a thiltih avang hian “Star of India” nihna English hnen atangin a dawng nghe nghe a, nuai sawmgnga chuang English ta a lo bat chu thaibo sak a ni. Mughal pawisa thir an hman thin kha hemi hnu hian thlak a ni bawk.

Lalpuitu thatak Salarjung:
Hunlo tak mai a Afzal Uddaula a tih avangin kum 1869 khan kum thum mi lek Mahaboob Ali Khan chu lalah a rawn thu a. Kum thum mi leh chuan rorel thei heklo le English ho chuan pui turin Salarjung leh Shams-ul-Umran an ruat a. Hetih hun lai hian Salarjung chuan theih tawpin ram siam thatna hna a thawk a, a thawh that em avangin Lord Rippon chuan Hyderabad a rawn tlawh ngat nghe nghe. Heta tang hian Governor General te chuan dan a neihin kumtin Hyderabad an tlawh ta thin a ni. Salarjung hian English ho duhsakna a dawng nasa hle a, Nizam lalin dahbo a tum pawhin English ho hian an hum zel thin. England lalnu bulah chaw kil pha ve ngat a ni a. Oxford University phei chuan “Doctor of Civil Law” chawimawina an pe nghe nghe a ni.

Osmania University leh a dangte din a ni:
Nizam lal tawp ber mai chu Osman Ali Khan a ni a a ni hian kum 1911 khan lalna a rawn chang a, hun pawimawh tak tak a rawn tawng chho a, a hunlai hi khawvel indopui pahnih chhuah lai leh Hyderabad state India inzawmkhawm mek a zawm ve hunlai kha a ni. A khua leh tui te tan nasa takin hna a thawk a factories lian tak tak te a din a, thlalai tamtakte hnenah hnathawh tur a siam sak thin. Industrial Exhibition Salarjung tan chu fumfe zawkin a rawn chhunzawm zel bawk a. Zirna lam ngaisang mi a nih avangin City College te, Osmania University te, Government Library te, Museum leh Jubilee hall te hi a ma din vek an ni. Mipuite’n awlsam tak a an hman theih turin Osmania Hospital leh Unani Hospital a din bawk. Indopui pakhatna a English a puih nasat em avangin “His Exalted Highness” nihna a dawng nghe nghe a ni.

India sorkar hnuaiah a kun lut ve ta:

Kum 1947-a India ramin English ho hnen atang a Independent a hmuh khan State tamtak chu thlem ti tih leh ti luihna deuh bawk si a India ram a nawr luh zel an ni a. Nizam hian India a in chhunluh chu a duh ikhaw lo mai a, mahni a independent tumin Sorkar dang dang a dawr kual a, mahse a hlawhtling lemlo. Hetih mek lai hian a ram mipui thenkhat a bikin Hindu mite chuan India a in chhun luh duhin hma anlo la ve mek a. Muslim pawl pakhat Itehad-ul-Musalmin (Rajaakars) ho chu tudai turin a ti a. Hyderabad-ah buaina nasatak communal riot a awm ta a. Chuti chuan India sorkar chuan March ni 13 kum 1948 khan General J.N.Chaudhary hnuaiah Nizam lal rama buaina chu a zuk ching fel ta a. Chuta tang chuan Asafjahi lalna chu a lo tawp ta a. January ni 26 Kum 1950 khan Hyderabad chu India ram a chhunluh a lo nita a ni.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hringnun khawvel kan zawhlai hian a bumboh lai te hi chu awm ve thin ngei mai. Tunlai ka thiltih a tluang theilo.. Ka sum neihna a chatlak a, in renchem tak a awmlaiin ka bike a chhe ve leh thung a ka chhut tel hauhloh sum tamtak ka sen a ngai a. Ka awmna hmunah thinthi in ka awm theilo CWd te hian red card min hmuh an tum reng a. Ka awm hun chhung a zawh tawh vang a ni. Chutah! ka thilziah min check sak tu tur ka pu chuan engmah a la en hmanlo a, lehkhabu min ziah san veng veng bawk si. Rilru hmanhmawh nen hi chuan a inmil lo khawp mai.

Ka nu pawh ahna atangin a retired ta a, sorkar hna pension rak thleng a a thawk chu a lawmawm viau mai. Hetih lai hian kapatea nupui thihna in kan chhungkua min tuam bawk a. A thihni hi ka first cousin nupui neihni a ni! Engkimah lawmthu hril zelin" tih a ni bawk si a, Halleluiah! anyway... Pathianin kan tan a kawng ruat a nih chuan lawmtak a pawm mai tur kan lo ni.. a hahthlak thin ngawt mai!Alehlamah chuan malsawmna chhiarsen loh min vur ve bawk a, a lawmawm tho mai

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heile! ropuina dik tak chu!

Ka hriat chhuah theih dan ang angin ka han ziak mai ang e.. a dikdiak chuan a diklo thei. Hmana ka lehkhabuchhiar "Heile vawiin" tih-ah chuan ti hian a inziak a:

"Ropuina diktak chu neih tum vanga neih mai theih a ni lo. I zawn loh hunah chiah hian i nei thei a ni. Thuamhnaw nalh tak te hi a tha khawp mai. Thuamhnaw nalh tak han inbel hi chuan mawihnai tak anga lan hi a awl hle mai a. Mahse ropuina tak tak i hmuh duh chuan thuamhnaw chhe tak inbel chung pawha thuamhnaw tha inbel ang mai a zahawm si hi en mai rawh. Vawi khat chu ka nu naupanlaiin an inah chuan sava pakhat, 'Bill' an tih chu an khawi a. Bill chuan a ke a titliak a, a thih mai te pawh an ring a, a nih loh leh tihlum mai pawh tha zawkah an ngai a ni. Mahse a tuk khua a lo var chuan a ke tha lam hmang chuan awn ang t(r)ei t(r)awi hian a lo ding hram hram a, a lo zai vet vet mai a. Chu chu 'Ropuina Dik Tak' chu a ni.

Tumkhat chu nu pakhat, puan su nasa deuh mai hian a puan suk chu tlangbanah a zar a. A tlangban chu a chat palh a, a puan suk sa chu chirhdiakah a tla ta chiam mai a, mahse engmah a sawilo. Puan chu a su tha leh vek a, a tlak theihlohna tur hmun, phaitual hnim chungah a pho ta hlauh a. Mahse chumi zan vek chuan ui ke bal zet mai hian a lo dai bawlhhlawh leh ta vek mai a. Chu thil a'n hmuh pawh chuan tah mai lam zai reng reng a rel chuang lo. "A engti zawng maha a'n fuh thei ta lo mai chu a va'n mak reuh em!" a ti duh lek fang a ni. Chu chu 'Ropuina Dik Tak' chu a ni. A dikzia hre tur chuan puan su ve chiam phawt mai rawh."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anlo ral thin hun, kum leh hmun te!

Khaw ropui ti a han sawi tur chu a nilo, mahse kan chhuahsan tur chuan lunga ti leng a ni ber mai. Ka han thlir a kan naupanlai a kan sava vehna hmun te, tlang thengthaw lai hmun chuan a chawlhni tlai a kan lennna te, Ruaitheh a changelhnah kan kil laihna hmun te kha. Thil tamtak rilru-ah a lo lang a, tunah chuan ka naupanlai hmun ka lo thlahhleh em em te hi kalsan a ngai tawh dawn a. Ka kalna hmunah chuan dai vel a kalna tur pawh a hla tawh ang.

Zingah kan zin chhuah hma daihin ka tho a hmanlai kan naupanlai a kan lenna hmun te kha ka fang leh a, thli a thaw heuh heuh a, an ngaihawm dawn hle mai. Khulai thingkungah phei khu chuan kan chuan su kur zuk zuk a, kan theih ang a ringin hla kan sa chiam a nih kha. A tlai dawn tawh avangin ka haw ta thuai a, a tawpnan pawh tiin ka hawilet hram a, thing leh mau, hnim mai mai te pawh chuan ngai ve awm takin thli in a chhem kur diam diam a. "Mangtha mai le," an ti hian ka zuk hria a. Tichuan, thingtlang naupang khan khawpui-ah nunchan zirturin ka pem lut ta a ni.

Mihring hian kumhlun tur a kan ti te hi a lo kumhlunlo fo a, kan hun, hmun, hman te pawh hun a ral zel a a lo dang thin. Ka ngaihtuah let leh chang hian ka lunghlui tamtak a leng thin. Kan hmun thlakhleh em em te pawh hi kan then hun a lo la awm si a.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back 2 my book

Khua a lum nen chhiar a peihawmloh! Ka bula awm reng hian an khua hi a har ve thin ngawt ang...Ngairu! ka lokal e..ka bih chiam dawn che u a, in hriat kha theihtawpin min hrilh ve dawn nia. Ngaiteh! lehkhabu kalo kal e...bihchianna ka nei dawn che... Common..Hahaha

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thlalak ro min relpuitu!

“Photograph” tih hi kum 1839-a Sir Johna Herschel a phuah ni awm tak a ni. A thupawh hmun dang atang a la loin Greek thumal φῶς (photos) "light" leh γραφή (graphé) "representation by means of lines" tih atanga lak chhuah bawk a ni. Thlalakna hmuhchhuah a nih atang khan mihringte hian kan chhawr na rawh e. Chhungkaw hlimlaini dahthatnan te, tualthahna chhuichhuahnan te, lunglenna min pe vawng vawng thei tu a tan te kan hmang bawk a, a hmandan hi chu sawisen a nilo ang. Thlalak i en hian tunge I zawn hmasak ber? Nangmah a nimailo maw? Hei hi achhan chu kan inngaihpawimawh ber vang pawh a ni thei ang. Nula lamin “Ilang cher, ilang thau” tih lamah an buai bawk a. Pa lamin an hmel duhzawng (Routmawii) ang te chu an seating room bang khat dawn dawn in an tar bawk a. Chhungkaw buaina pawh a thlen thelh mahna!?

Thlalak hian kan chungah ro ava han rel em? (10 mega pixel in em ni? ) Thlalak thenkhat kan bihin lunglenna min pe bawk a, kan thentak te thlalak a nih phei chuan duat takin kan kuah a kan tap vawng vawng thin. He khawvel-a la chambang kan suangtuahna thlalakah mailo chuan inhnemna tur kan nei bawk silo a. Lehlamah chuan thlalak show-na tak takah hian hnam hrang hrang culture a lan tir bawk a. Mimal ngaihdan thlengin a zuk chhiar thiam thuak thuak theih bawk. Posi fuhloh chang a thla min laksak phei chuan a dahbona kan zawng thuai thin. Thian thenkhatte’n tihlar anlo tum bawk a. Ka sawi tui hma hian “thlalakna hian mihringte minti famkim ve a ni” tiin tlang kan kawm thut teh ang. Tunge ka Fb photo post hi lo comment dawn? Haha

Thursday, May 13, 2010

He damchhung buaithlak takah hian!

Dawhsana mipui ep zawng a thute ka hmuh hian an dinhmun a awm ve theih ka chak thin. Guitar thiam takin hneh tak a guitar an perh lai hian hmuhnawm ti takin ka thlir a, thiam ve ka chak. Professor thiam takin saptawng nal tak mai a theories an sawi zaih zaih te hian an mahni ang a thiam ve ka chak. Zaithiam takin mipui thunun tak a stage a nunchan a zir te hian ka thiam ve ta emaw tiin ka lo zawm chiam thin. Champions League-a Manchester players rual Tv atanga kalo thlir hian tihdan tur kalo hrilh chiam thin..a chang phei chuan ka mit an tlunglo hial! Field ka lut ve a alanna atanga sawi ang ngawt a lo ni silo.

Engkim mai hi ti ve theiin ka inhria a...mahse ka han belchiang a..tha a lo ngai vek mai! He khawvelah hi zawng piang vannei tanlo chuan thawhrimna mai a lo ni. Saptawng thiam tak nih ka duh a... dictionary ka keu tam a ngai a... zing news paper tak ngial pawh a tel lo chuan ka keu zo theilo! Thiam duhin lehkhabu ka keu a.... thu har pui pui lungtum ang mai sak te anlo ni si thin a...thlan tui a far zawih zawih fo mai. Mi thilziah ka chhiar an thiamzia mak ka ti thin! ka ngaisang ngawt mai. Ziakthiam ka tihte ka zirchiang a an nin an thuziakin min hruaikual nasa thin si. Lehkhabu hi tuitakin ka chhiar theilo a, buaitakin ka chhiar chhuak thin! A ngaihna hre miahlo a phekkhat ka chhiar zawh a awm a, ka chhiarnawn paw'n kala man ta chuang thin lo...hahthlak deuh a ni. Achang hi chuan Mizo tawng hian thil engkim hi inziak se ka ti hial thin. Mizo tawng ziak tak pawh chu ka han bihchian chuan ka man pha hlawm bawk silo a..a lai laklawhah ka tang ni te hian ka hre thin. Application ziak turin vawi sawm chuang te ka ziah that chang a awm bawk.

Thuziah mai a nilo ka inkhel ve a a thiamlo pawl ka ni zel a...a tlawbik a piangte tan hi chuan khawvel hi sual nasat a va ngai bik thin em. Zai ngainat vanglai a mipui hma a kan zai ve ngawt te kha zahtheihloh award chu awmse dawng ve ngei tur chu ka ni. Faktlak leh fak phu hi chu awmlo se zailoh pawh ka duh tawh hial mahna.. Khawvel hi zawng keini tan chuan a sak deuh zawng a ni e.. kanla dam ve tho si a!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Greatest show on earth

Let's meet our eyes at South Africa.. beautiful things are about to happen....

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ka ngaihtuahnawn fo thin "The Old Man and The Sea"

Pawl sawmpahnih kan zirlai ni ta in ka hria Gov't Higher Secondary kan kal lai hian "The Old Man and the Sea" tih hi kan Miss thiam tak khan min zirtir thin. Hun tam a liam hnu University of Hyderabad-a Master kan zir hnu-ah ka roommate Bengalee pa Rajasthan zin haw chuan he lehkhabu pan te bawk hi min rawn hawn a. Nikhat chu tih tur a awmloh em avangin ka chhiar leh ta a ni.

A ziaktupa Ernest Hemingway lah American writer zing a roipuiber pakhat a ziah zerang kalpui dan thin "iceberg theory" larpui tu a ni bawk a. A thuziah tlartin mai chuan awmzia a nei em em vek mai. Ka duhlai pahnih:

"The sail was patched with flour sacks and, furled, it looked like the flag of permanent defeat." Mizo hla pakhat "A chau a ni ka Lal" tih hla te kha rilru-ah a rawn lang uaih uaih a. Putar paa han ziahdan te hi- "Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same colour as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated."

Ni e, he khawvel tuipui zautak-ah hian mitin te'n thil thazawk hun thazawk beiseiin sangha man kan tum theuh a. Atirah hlawhchhamna hian mi thenkhat chu a awpbet thuai a. Mahse putar pa chu hlawhchham thin mahse a beidawng hauhlo! Sangha man na tur a a hmanraw neih te chaurau hle mahse a bei fan fan a. Nisa lutuk te, thangrei luat avanga ril tamna te chu a tuar hram hram a. Achang chuan amah leh amah a inkawm hlim a ngai bawk a,theihtawp a beihna chuan rah tha a chhuah ta.

Sangha lianpui mai Marlin chu a man ta hlauh mai a, he sangha hi a len em avangin a that lawk theilo a, a hnuk kawi a hnuk kawi mai a ni. A tawpah chuan a that ta a. In lam pan a a kal lai chuan Sangha thisen chhuak chuan Shark a lo ko a, sangha a thahsa rawn eitum shark panga lai a that leh a.Shark dang te chuan a man lai ngei pawh chu an eizawhsak lo chauh a a ruhrel chiah an dahsak a ni. A tawpah phei chuan a chau tawngkhawng chu a muhil ta hial a...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

IPL (Greatest show in India!)

Pu Zai-a te vaivawm (Cricket) hi ka ngaihsan loh thu va sawi chiam mah ila, keini ai a tam leh keini ai a fing vai te hian an buaipui em a hawina lam a piang a in trial ta chu hrechiang turin beng i han dawn ve dawn teh ang.
Ngaihtuahloh theihloh a nihna chhan:
1) Kan University zirlai thenkhat te'n IPL en duh vang leh film en duh avangin remote an in chuh pek a an insual nuaih(2) mai! Police thahnem tak chuan min rawn ven phah a (IPL) nge nge.
2)National News paper leh news channel engpawh en ila Lalit Modi, Pawar, Tharoor a ni vek mai (IPL) nge nge.
3) Dawrah kal ila TV a awm tawh phawt chuan vaiho hi an pawng aw in zial tup tup zel a nek tawlh2 an ngai (IPL) nge nge.

India-a Ropuina Lal IPL:- 20 cricket BCCI in a buatsaih thin hi India ram khawvela thil thleng tawhah chuan thil ropui tak pakhat a ni. Test cricket hun duh tak tak pawh pawisa lo a Tv thutchilh tu Indian cricket lovers te tan hi chuan a va hlu dawn em. Test match ang te in rei tak tak batsman tan lo thaikualna hun a awmlo a, theihpatawp a vuak a ni nghal vek mai. Heihi tunlai thalai thil ni thuai thuai duh te tan a hlu leh zual a ni. Cricket duhfip pawlin sawisel thin mahse la a ropui dawn chauh.IPL-ah hian sumdawng lian tak tak te, film star te, politician te'n sumsiamna khawl a an hmu leh zel hi mi mitfukna chhan pakhat a ni. Indian Premier League's brand value hi $4.13 billion (Rs 18,000 crore chuang zet) ni a chhut a ni a, NBA tih lohah chuan Highest paid league khawvelah a ni bawk! Keini ang lo sawitet chi a nilo!

(A ropui em mai Vijay Malya leh Katrina hi Bye Bye tir lawk ang)

Milianbeidawng-a te buaina!:-Kumin IPL-ah hian Pakistan mi pakhat mah lei an nih ve loh avangin Pakistan Interior minister Rehman Malik chuan, "Pakistan te hmusitna a ni" a ti a. karnataka CM thin kan External minister SM Krishna chuan, "Sorkar hetiang lamah hi chuan a inrawlh lo e" tiin a kut a lo sil ve bawk a. International relations thleng a han nghawng pha tur hi a ropui a ni! Hetih lai hian Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik chuan India Tennis khelthiam Sania Mirza chu chanchin tamtak karah a rawn nei bawk a. India ram khawpui lian pariat te hming a inelna neih thin a ni a. Milian rualte'n team nei tur hian an inchhan huaisiak thin. Tunah hian neuh neuh a tam ta hle a. IPL Brain child ber an tih BCCI Vice President Lalit Modi leh lehlam pawl te chuan thu leh hla hrang hrang nitin chanchinbu-ah an nei thin.

Ti hmuhnawmzualtu

Harsatna karah pawh IPL:-
Harsatna leh dodalna tawklo a ni biklo a, a hamsaberin England and Wales Cricket Board nen inchaltauh nghal a ngai pang mai a. Sum tamzawk si..thlirtu mipui tam zawk si a inlan chu player te tan pawh thlemna nasatak a ni ngei ang le. Kum 2008 pawh khan Australian cricket team te West Indies an tour a ngai si, IPL a player tha te an ni fur bawk si, IPL in sumdawngho nen inremsiana a lo siam tawh bawk si an in nawrbuai chu hmuhnawm deuh a ni, a tawpah chuan Australian players te kha an zin rem tihsak an ni ta a. Nmin piah mai khan Deccan Chronicle office Income Tax Department-in an va tlawh bawk a news chu ala siam zel dawn a ni.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Khawvel in anglo! (Khawlum ti ti)

"Aizawlah chuan ruah a sur a khua pawh a diak khawp mai." Hmanni a...(Clickk... Network a chhia) chu chu kan inbiak tawp dan a ni! Kei pa thlan ngahlo tak mai hian khawlum avangin ka nghawng a thlan tui ka tuaifai angai fo a, Shillong-ah te khan la awm ila chuan ka hil bel awm si a..chu pawh chu a nuam chuanglo. Vai hmelbumro tak karah hian chaw ei a tui thei mawlh tawhlo, an strike deuh chhen hmel ka hmuh hian an inhmeh ka ti! Ruah hi kan beisei ve reng, kan kawmthlang Bangalore-ah te chuan a sur ve tho a.... han sur tir ve mai awm, ka thu miahlo! Hyderabad khawpui nuam tak a kan tualchaina hi khawlum avangin meidil-aichhinna a ni ta ringawt mai.

ka ngaihtuahna chuan ...mihringte sum duh luat avanga kan leilung sik leh sa danglam tur pawh zah tawhlo a Kyoto protocol kan hlamchhiah tak dan te.... vai vur zuar te.... AC ka room a rawn chhem heuh heuh te....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mizo te leh Democracy

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) khan Democracy chu “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” tiin min lo hrilhfiahsak tawh a. Zoram in kan Lal thuneihna hlip a India ram democracy dung zui a rorelna a kan kalpui hnu kum tamtak ral hnu hian mipuite hian kan thatpui chiah em tih hi enfiah a hun ta. Mipuite rorelna ah hian mipui te hian chanvo ka nei tak tak em? American linguist Noam Chomsky chuan Democracy hman diklohna ti hian a sawi ve thung a. Mipui sorkar ti mah ila kan thlan lal a te leh an vua leh vangte khan an duh tawkin lal an hrawt tho a, mipui hian aw kan nei tak tak chuanglo tiin. India ram party system a kal-ah hian a dik leh zual khawp mai.

Mizoramah pawh hian party neuh neuh kan tam khawp a. Tun a kan kal dan hi chuan Election a tlin duh chuan party a mi rinawm tak a kul a tai a mi in hmang mi nih a ngai a, chu mai bakah party worker te tih lawm an ngai bawk. Mipui(ram) hmangaih em em a ngai lo a, party mi leh sa vulh len a, vua leh vangte theih tawp a dawm kan a nimai a lungchhiatthlak khawp mai. Scheme engemaw lian tak pawh awmse theihtawp a nawr nghal tur a nilo. Kum nga lal hun chhung a nih dawn avangin engemaw harsatna siam a lal hnu kum 3na ah emaw chauh bawhzui tur a ni a. Chuta a thatna lo tem tu te hnenah chuan inthlan leh hunah hemi kan pek lai che u hi tih chhunzawm a ngai tih leh mai tur a ni. Lalna leh thuneihna kan khel lutuk hi a pawi khawp mai. Lalna leh thil tih theina te hian mawhphurna a keng tel a chu mi tihlawhtlin chu politician te hian mipuite laka an bat a ni.

Diklo taka kalpui a nih avang hian mipuite sorkar ti thin mah ila hma kan sawnpui lemlo niin a lang. Mizo te hian hruaitu tha kan mamawh khawp mai. Kan hmanlai nun atanga tun thleng hian thlir ila tu emaw mihring/mi bik an awm chuan kan zui mai thin. Kan hruaitute zingah hian election term dawt leh pawh a tlak hniallo, hmasawnna ngaihtuah a bawhzui thin mithiam hi han tam ngat se zawng; diklo taka tit u thenkhat te chu lungawilo mahse Zoram hian hma a sawn ngei ang le. Mi tu tan pawh thuneihna leh sum duhna te hian chinlem a nei dawnlo. Kan dam chhung khualzinna ah hian khawvel kaldan phung nilo deuh a kan chet ngamna hian history a siam dawn zawk a ni. Mizoram hmasawnnan a mahni hreawm pawisalo a hmalam thlir thiam, mi thiam politician kan va mamawh em. Chutiang mi tamtak an awm hnu-ah chuan Abraham Lincoln-a thusawi mipuite tan a sorkar diktak democracy chu a tak ngeiin kan hmu dawn a ni!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kuhva of the World

Hamara bharat leh Kuhva:
Gregory lehkhabu Shantaram-ah khan India mite kuhva eidan ngaihnawm takin a ziak a. Vaipa lianpuiin a hmui sir khat atang a tui chikchhuak tha mi ang mai a han pik puat puat mai chu a ni. Hringei ang mai a sen zuaih mai chuan India mite chikim zia min hriatchhuah tir pawh a nimahna. Hriselna lam leh faina lam ngaihtuahlo chuan thil hlimawm ve tak a ni ngei ang le!Kum 1978 vel a Bollywood-a film lartak "Don" Amitabh channa-ah khan Paan hla chu a awm ngei a lawm. India mite hian an ngaisangthlu ngang a niang, he film siamthat a nih hnu "Don The Chase begins again" tih Sarukh-a channa ah pawh a paih phal bik chuanglo!Anmahni ngaisangtu te chuan an pikpuat puat loh nakah!

Pitar habal leh Kuhva Zun: Khawthlang lam ho khu chuan an uar vaklo ni tur a ni. Kuhva ei hnam chu South Asia ram lampang deuh a mi kan ni tlangpui a. India ramah hian 2600 BC lai atanga ei ching tan ni a sawi a ni. Inleng lo lawmnan te, kut ni vangthla a intheh a tan te chelek a ni ber thin. "Kwai" tuitak mai khasi pitar ha nei tha tawhlo dawr a mi ngei, ama ta tur pawh sum nen ngat mai a lo deng tarh tarh hnen atang a lei a tui bikzia hi Shillong-a zirna run lo bel tawh te chuan an sawi fak a ni ngei ang. He kuhva zun avang hian he ram a cham hlen ta pawh hi engzat tak awm ang maw? (Census neih chiah a nilo mai pawh a!)

Damdawi damna ni silo! Thaw uih tan a ka tih rimtui nan hian a tha ni in Ayurvedic damdawi zirmite chuan an sawi a, amaherawhchu hei hian cancer a thlen thei tho bawk tih an sawi bawk. Thaw uih taka dam rei nge? Rim thiang taka dam reiloh... Vanneihthlak takin damdawi dang Kuhva lo pawh an hmu ta zel a..( Lo uih deuh tan :-) )

Kan mawipuilo, a tui si:
Kan ram hruaitu then khat Tv an rawn lang a Kuhva eituam tuam chung sehchilh nawk nawk saptawnga Tv crew te an lo chhan khum thin hian ka lo za chuaih chuaih thin.Khawvel hmuhah pawh kan culture chu an chhuang ti dawn ila han chhuan vak tur ka hre lem hleilo a. Laloo Prasad a te tih thik dawn ila a changkang mawlh silo. Kan bansan hleitheilo a tui em a, ram nge i hmangaih..kuhva?

Mizo te leh Kuhva heading hi in ziah ve ni....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tha leh thalo ( 'Mizo'* perspective)

"Mama, inkhawmpui an tiak ta, nanglah phai ramah i awm reng si a, Pathian rawngbawlna hun hi i nei ve meuhlo a ni." ti a ka nu duhtakin min biaklai chu ka thil ziaka ka hmanhlel lai tak a ni. Inkhawmpui zi nuaih nuaih kara zaithiam te, lemchan thiam te, thusawi thiam te mitthla-ah an lo lang, mahse keichu ka hman ve miau silo a! Ngaihtuahna-ah thil pakhat a lolang a. Enge "rawngbawlna chu?" Ka hna ve tur ka zirna chu ka rawngbawlna a ni ve lo em ni?

'Beram' leh 'Kel' thalai te: Tribal khawtlanga seilian ka nih avangin huho a awmkhawm(collectivism) leh mahni a chettlatna (individualism) chungchang hi inhnial a thui thei khawp ang le. Kan duh emaw duhlo emaw Kohhran leh Khawtlang khian khauh takin "fel" leh "fel lo" a thliar hrang a. Chu tehna chu inhman leh inhmanloh a ni. Hei hi thatna tamtak a awm a, chhiatna tamtak a awm bawk. In hmanluat avanga mahni career in vawchhia an awmlaiin inhmang manglo a mihlawhtling an awm leh thung bawk. Leh lmah chuan inhmangpeihlo te'n a inkhawm an sawisel chiam angte hi a dik leh chuang bawk silo a. Ani, kan chhuak vak lutuk ve bawk a, kan hnathawh leh kan zirna kan nitin eizawnna in a tuar lo thei silo.In hmang tha duhlo emaw hmanlohna vanga in hmanglo deuh te'n sawisel se chu "Misual" nih an hlawh tlat, a pawi. Kan lem lutuk a pawi!

Dichotomy :
Kan Zosap te chanchin tha rawn ken khan engtiang chiahin nge kan khawtlangnun leh kohhran nunphung hi a sawi danglam kan hreveklo ang. John Calvin zirtirna hian engtiang chiahin nge Zoram ringtute nun hi a kaihherh pawh chhut tham a ni. Tun a kan hman danah chuan kan nitin khawsakna leh kan biak In (sanctuary) kan dah hran lutuk hi a pawi a ni. Chawlhni a lo ni a, sualna te chu tam hle mahse kan sualna kan hlip a, fel awm takin kan inkhawm a a tha e. Chawlhni ang tho hian nidangah pawh hian Pathian han zah ila zawng corruption do pawl hi a awm ka ringlo. Tha hauhsilo a lemchan kan uar lutuk hi a pawi a ni. Lemchanna hmanrua a kohhran leh khawtlang platform-a kan hmang hi a pawi leh zual. Inthawina nilo in thuawih a ni kan biak a hian a lawm zawk ni.

Hawh u i din thar ang u: Kan Biak In dik tak chu kan thinlung hi a ni kumkhua. Thinlung a zawm silo in pawnlamah a va zawm ngawt hi a theihloh.Thil kan ti a nih rau rau chuan a tawp thleng a kan hlen a ngai a, kan rinawm a ngai a ni. Zirlai chuan a zirna-ah rinawm se, sorkar hnathawk chuan sorkar hna athawhna-ah chutiang zelin. A phawvuak a kan inhampuar lutuk hi thil zum kan tawn hunah kan puakdarh vek palh ang e. I din thar ang... a lem atangin atak ramah..

A tawp berah chuan i hman leh hmanloh hi a thatna leh thatlohna a awm ve ve a, pawimawh ber zawk chu kan thinlunga Lalna chang zawk hi a ni.ENGE I NGAIH VE DAN?

* Mizo ka tih hian mi nawl tlangpui ngaihdan a bikin Mizoram chhunga awm Kohhran leh Khawtlang awpna hnuai awm te ka sawina a ni.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thuziaktu leh khawvel

Writers imagine that they cull stories from the world. I'm beginning to believe that vanity makes them think so... Stories cull writers from the world. Stories reveal themselves to us.. they colonize us- Arundhati Roy

A Writer should be able not to choose, but be chosen by something in him which he can neither foresee nor pre...dict, something whose nature he can only discover in the process of writing it-AD Hope

Hemi te pahnih thuziah ka chhiar hian mak ka ti thin! Thuziak mi tur tu emaw a lo pian hian thuziak thiamsa in a lo piang hauhlo a. A nunin a tawn thil tamtak a pawn lam nun in a a nghawng lungngaihna leh tahna te, lawmna a tawn te chuan finna tuikhurah a hruaia chu tui chu midang te dawt ve turin a ziakchhuak ta thin a ni. Pi Roy-i ngaihdanah hian chung thawnthu te chuan mihring chu khawvel atanga la chhuak angin a sawi zawk si a. Heng chanchinte hian kan sawi niloin anmahni in chanchin min hrilh zawk a ni....duh tawk rih ang...

Hope thung hian Poet/writer te chungchuanna remleh remlo in a rawn tlangaupui ve thung a, khawvel nundan pangai pet pet chim piahlohna khawvel-a cheng a, anmahni ngaihtuahna fim tak hmang a an thu leh hla te chu rawn chhamchhuak angin a sawi a. Activism hian thuziak mite chu a thununin anmahni nihna ang tak an nih loh phah thin leh khawi pawl emaw thil tum emaw tlangaupui an tum avangin an nihna hlauh ang hialin a sawi a.Engdang nilo in Thuziak mite chawisan a tum vang a ni.... heihi duh tawk leh ila.

Ka ngaihtuah thin a pawn lam leh chhung lam engpawh min mawlhtu awm chuan thu min ziah tir pawh nise. Thu kan ziah hian enge kan rilruah lo lang thin- Topic hot deuh hlek hi ziak ila, ka thuziah hi miin anchhiar ang tih nge? Model leh theory tlanglawn ang hian ziak ila mite ngaihsan ka hlawh ang? Nge thil a nihna ang tak kan hmuh chu kan ziak chhuak mai ang. Ziak hnem ber leh hetiang subject lama hmahruaitu nih ka duh avangin ka ziak vak vak mai, phuailuai deuh pawn.

Marx-a kha hmeichhia/minu pawl movement tih chaknan a ziak turin nu pakhat hian a sawm a. Chu nu hnenah chuan mihringnun thuk tak harsatna leh rumna chu ziak mai tur a nih zia leh chutah chuan an mahni khalhduhna/drive lam chu thudik a nih chuan lo lang mai tur a nih thuin a lo hrilh a ni.

Thudik kan tih leh a landan pawh hi ngun taka ngaihtuah chuan mihring zir a te in a lo danglam thin bawk si a, ramri kham a har ngei mai. Thuziak thiam tak leh thuziak thatak nei thei tur hian enge ngai ta ang le?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Arunachal second visit

Ni 14th Feb 2010-ah ka chhuak Valentines day a ni tih pawh ka hailo kalna turin min au miau a ka kal ta mai a ni. Rajiv Gandhi Central University Itanagar hi ka vawihnih kalna a ni ta! An fel viau a, tlang mizia an pu a keini ang duang pawh Professor ho rual a kal kan ni miau a min hrehrang tawh heklo. First class treatment kan dawng a, a nuam phian. Kan zirna lamah chuan mi pawimawh tak mai Prof. Vijoy Sahay-a (Editor of International Journal of oriental Anthropology) ka subject-a ka ti ti pui thei te, Felix (Oxford) lehkhabu min pek te hi ka tan chuan chhinchhiahtlak tak a ni, sawiloh phal chi a nilo. Kan lo ngaihsan em em te a hring a hran a han hmuh a han titi pui tluk a nuam hi a awmlo. He Seminar hlawk thlak takah hian thil tam ka zirbelh a, vai thian tha te ka han chhar belh nual bawk. Ka paper han pek ve hi ka thianpa Taite-a (epistemology) nen kan siam a nia. Ani a thiam bawk a, a kutthlakna kan paper an lo hlut thiam khawp mai. Ka haw chuan ka thianpa thiamzia hi ka hriatbelh a ka ngaisang ru ngawt mai. Mizo hrim hrim lawm minlo awm bawk a kan chhangchhe tlang khawp. Nikhat pawh chamlo in Guwahati ka pan thla nghal a. Ka unaunu Vickie'n minlo mikhual-a Guwanati atang chuan tluang takin Hyderabad ka let leh a a lo lum khawp mai a!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Mite angin kan var teh puak silo a, mut a piang hian mumang neilo mah ila kan mu-mang thin. Tunlai mu-mang chung hi mumang ka nei thin a, ka mumangah chuan ramhuai te, thlahrang te ka hmu thin! Zing han thawh a thawven thlak thin zia hi. Mumang lamah khawvel a lo tawp a, mithianghlim lawr a tel siloh te hian mangathlak deuh a ni. Mangtha maile ti tu hi kan nei talo deuh te pawh a nimahna.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tawi si fun kim si!

A chhiartu te ngaihtuah leklo hian mahni duh lamah chuan hlam chen dawn dawn lo post hi ka ching thin. Kumin hian ka kut a khirh a engmah post tur pawh ka nei manglo! Virus mak deuh mai hian ka registry nen lam a rawn khawih ching pen a ka system ka format daih! Ka blog tlawh thin tu te a thing kalo chhawp reng che u hi ka demawm hranlo in thilziah pawh ka chhiar biklo. Kan thiannu hian thehnemngai takin Mizo article tha deuh Englishin a let thin, tha viau in ka hria. Football khelh hi a hahthlak ka ti.