Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rilru Nghet leh Mipa

Mipa hi chuan 'Rilru Nghet' hi kan pu tur a ni ka ti thin. Rilru nghet lo deuh pu te hi 'nep' ka ti rilru thin khawp a. Tunah pawh hian 'nep' chu ka la ti reng tho mai. Amaherawhchu 'nep' ka tih zingah chuan in chhiar tel ve a ngai dawn tlat mai.

Harsatna leh kawngpengthuam han thlen meuh chuan rilru nghet put a lo har a. Duhthlan a har viau mai a, ka lo 'nep' em em mai hi a lo ni a.

A ni taka, Pathian hi kan mamawh a. A tello hian duhthlan te hi a phallo thin a ni. A hma ah chuan tisa leh thlarau NEP tak ka lo reng hi a lo ni a.

He ngaihtuahna avang hian tun hma a 'nep' ka lo tih rilruk em em thin tlangval tamtak te chungah ngaihdamna ka ngen a. Pathian hnenah erawh 'ka nep zia leh Amah nena ka ropui si zia' min hrilh nawn fo turin ka ngen a


sawmpuia said...

thanks for posting apatea tha khawp mai.

Almost Unreal said...

Ka tan chuan NEP ka lo tih thin te chu...mahni tih tur ti lo, om mai2, hna thok oeih lo, in la ve ringot, thatchhia etc

mnowluck said...


Be what you are!! that's my fav line!

mnowluck said...

Great post dude!!

apatea said...

@almost unreal, "mahni tih tur ti lo, om mai2, hna thok oeih lo, in la ve ringot, thatchhia etc" poh hi Nep chu ni thei tho awm e.
Mahse heng mite hi han zawt mah ila hlohtlin an duh vek ka ring. Hlohtlin an duhna kha tihhlohtlin an tum c loh chuan rilru nghet lo chu an pu chu a ni deuh tho ka tia, Engpawhnise nep chu an nep thei meuh mai le hehe :)

sercop said...


Calliopia said...

Since I don't have any brothers and my dad died early, I've always admired and greatly appreciated the calm and rock steady mindset of men. There have been so many times when I've worried myself into a frazzle over some problems and some male relative or friend came along and calmly and easily set things right. I also like the fact that men are so much more patient than a lot of women. Here's to you guys. Viva la difference & all that :)

Anonymous said...

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