Friday, February 29, 2008

Southco Freak!

this message comes with a forewarning:
We are the self proclaimed south park geeks!
so don't mess with us
we drink, eat, sleep south park
anything we say or do does not define who we are
it is more of how we say or do the things we do or say

South Park yeah!
awesome god and god-little going to rock ya house
we gonna tp your house if you don't cooperate with us
so all you haters out there, just shut up and listen!
we all going to die some day.
no use hatin us cos we still rock!
we gonna rock till we turn old and gold
till the sun melts the face of this so called hell called earth.
yeah in case you don't kno, the world is ending.
but if you really want to, you can still hang out with us
we won't kill you
but you just have to worship us!
-without condition


Awzzman said...

heheh thats really awesome!!! i wish i could see the movie one fine day...!

Anonymous said...

this is nothing related to this post.i apologise for that.i was googling and googling trying to recollect the artist of a song we used to listen to as kids. and i landed at your blog...please tell me if you know anyhting about it...

"the time to be happy is now,the place to be happy is here..." i remember a lot of the lyrics but not fully.i was trying to recollect another song from the same album...but old age isnt helping!

just hoping you know something!


DayDreamBeliever said...

paa leh hle mai a! Hei chu soi tam lutuk tur ka hrelo tlat :)

Joseph said...


South park fan kan lo kal e.... :D a va han hmuhnawmin en a va khamawm loh thei tak em!! A season hi ka nei kim thei lo a, thiante la dil kual leh tur a ni. Ka nei tam ve fu tawh emaw ka tia, ka lo la nei tlem ltk anih hi mawle...

*Screw you going home* :D

Almost Unreal said...

south park ti tuah hum reng hlom mai

apatea said...


sawmpuia said...

@Awzz: Tlemte chu kan nei ve e.
@Anon: See the previous post, i knew that song and i dont have the lyrics with me, its kind of kid song.Nyway thanks for dropping in :-)
@daydreambeliever: South Park fan club kan siam vel dawn uangthuangvel a nih hi lo tel ve rawh.
@Joseph: Welcome brother :-)
@almost: See it, see what do you have to say about it.
@apatea: Haha enleh ngei chi, conformist huh...