Friday, March 7, 2008

The wholesome companionship

(The true Colour of Zo chhungkua, life at the university)

The Mosaic:
I never really though about it before but here I am, staying in the university for 6 years where true companionship blossom.With galactic beauty and the charms of the ambience delicately pouring down to my life, I have truly been blessed and it is with no hesitation that i call it “a heaven on earth”. Having Bara chai in hand we flay upon varied issues high and low thick and thin. I sat there at Gops longing for Zuali’s amusing tale flavor by Taitea’s Epistemological theories, colored by Zara’s lazy rolled tongue spitting out the jokes and never to forget Nunu’s strong brain machine trying to uplift the woman position in the society! I am a model who poses before Taitea’s sophisticated camera, I am sinner for bunking the boring second Sunday of North East English Service, I am a rocker when Achhuana and Ben rocks on the Open Dias at Sukoon. I am a dancer who bounces when a Dj scratches a disc on the podium. We shout, applaud, and scream at the victory of Zonu during the night Volleyball and football tournament. Now these are the real golden moments of our life. One fine day will dawn upon all of us when we'll have to say “Gone are the days” and may be weep bitterly trying to rollback the hands of time. But I dare not think that moment because I still want to enjoy "now", I wish to hold it in my arms never let it go.

Golden moment of Trekking: With Thanpuia and Mahruaia as our guides, we climb the rocks, hills and the muddy lane, Taitea has made a documentary out of our trekking escapades and named it ‘The Last of HCU Mizo’ starting with a short yet meaningful short caption which goes - “All Chepandi went home” all of us got the copy in our own Dics. We got enriched and enlightened by knowledge of discoveries during these trekkings– the new berries, snakes and skull of the dead animals. Venturing the haunted cave or the priest shelter where Maremruati pose as a Shadu. Taking a careful and well angled shot with the camera at every pace, that’s the midas touch of Mister Taite-a.

Cycle: Life at the campus without cycle is next to impossible. Riding every nook and corner of the premises John soon found a paradise for himself, a spot near the bank of Buffalo Lake, we fondly call it “John’s Paradise” nowhe sattled himself at IIT Mumbai, I hope he has fond memories of this spot. We have barbeques and set up bon fire during Christmas Eve and other important occasions, where we always have so much fun that we tend to almost forget our home sweet home.

Gops: Our favorite hangout at the campus second to none, named after Gopal who owns a store at the spot. if ever there was an attendence register none dare bunk it. A place where we dine, browse the Net, pouring down the subject in variety. It is a place where all the speakers speak without ceasing till the other one bite the dust or gets bitten by a mosquito.

Unexplored World: As thick as they can be the un-ruled books are lying on our desk. Inescapable daunting seminars and Term papers compel us to dive into the unknown world; we struggle bitterly with sweat flowing down on our cheeks. Cursing the one who had invented the subject, imagining the merciless Professor roaring at your paper, at the corner you stood there like a filcher waiting for a final judgment. The promised day arrives and you get away with your presentation some how. Two years pass by you got your degree, that’s how the struggle ends.

Bye: Life with us high or low, hand in hand we carry on. Blessed in abundance we create a family to remember “Zochhungkua” But there’s a knock at the door a hands that wait for us to depart. Left with no choices, we bid farewell to each other. “Will I ever see them again?” Maybe of this world or the life beyond… That’s our only hope…God bless the family!



Almost Unreal said...

beautiful post..happy for you

but I am not a part of this.:(

Awzzman said...

life in CU rocks!!!! i wish i could be the part of ZOCHHUNGKUA someday... have a gr8 CU life.

Calliopia said...

Like one of my favourite lines from a Lennon song puts it, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." So while you're all staying there together dreaming of the future and making big plans, the good Lord is showering blessings on you with good health, good friends, good times and precious memories. Enjoy it. Times like that don't last forever :)

Jerusha said...

Van ziak nalh in va ziak lungrun vel ve aww! (rawn sawi zuai duh chu, something wrong with my phone, chuvang chuan a thih chut cut zel kha, tumah a biak theih loh, chuvang nih kha hmanni poh in cut hmak zel tihthat dawnin tih that theih si lo)

sawmpuia said...

@almostunreal: We have wide area of network... we will consider it lolz
@Awzzman: Finish your degree apply fot it..
@calliopia: Yeah! life like this doesn't last forever... experienced advice.. thanks :-)
@Ruspuii: Nia i Phone hi a chiangkuanglo khop mai, entir rawh.. tlangval ho i ti luhai lutuk dawn.

Thuziah lampang chu ka tluk hunah che a tha kanla ti ve dawn nia.

Puii said...

lung ti leng reuh ltk i post chu..reminds me of my college days, those days filled with loadsa memories..