Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eng ber nge thar kumtharah chuan?

A ngai bawkin ni a chhuak a a ngaite bawkin a tla leh a, chu chu kan nghahleh em em kumthar chu a ni. Zawhna hotak ka inzawt a, enge kumthar ti kumthartu chu? Engvangin nge kumhlui chu a hlui bik? Mmmmm...zawhna ho lam tak tak hi awm awl deuh chuan a rawn lut duh teh chawk a. Ka phak tawkin ka ngaihtuah ve a mihring nunah hian HUN nge pawimawh THILTIH? A pawimawh zawk sawitur avanga kal thiang rial awm zawk, hun hriatreng tlak a siamtu chu kan thiltih hi a lo ni ta a ni. Kum kal tawh kan hriatrengna chhan chu kan thiltih that leh chhiat vang a ni. Nikum lam pawh khan thil thalo leh thil tha tih kan nei teuh ang a, chuvang chuan kumin pawh hian a chhia leh tha pawh a awm nawk bawk ang. Engpawhnise theihtawp a hun hman that hia a lo pawimawh ber mai. Kumtharah chuan thil tha thar engtak nge ka tih dawn tih i inzawtnawn fo ang u.


DayDreamBeliever said...

Tha leh hle mai, Pu. Keipoh engemaw tal hmasawnna neih ve chu ka tum, eng ber nge chu ka la hre choah lo :P Best wishes for 2009!

Almost Unreal said...

Kan veng Pastor pension soi dan takah - '"hman" ti awm tu chu "tun" hi a nia, "tun" ti awm tu chu "hman" kha a nia' a tih ang deuh khan 'kumthar' ti om tu chu 'kumhlui' and vice versa..lol

Calliopia said...

"HUN nge pawimawh THILTIH?" Hmmm ngaihtuah ril ngei mai. Seminar kal hrat hi chu in heti raih zel :P Happy new year and many many happy hours of zzz-ing at seminars :D

sawmpuia said...

@daydreambeliever: Miss, hma i sawn em em ang eng kawng pawh nise tum phawt hi a tul a ni.
@Almost Unreal: In veng pastro chu a ngaihtuah ngun a nih chu. Mahse thiltih hi a pawimawh ber chu a la ni ta fan a :-)
@Calliopia: NIa tiraw seminar ngaihnawmlo deuh ngaihthlak a han mutthluksan daih hi a zia phian. Hmanni khan vaipa pakhat seminar pekah tihtakzetin kalo muhil a, ka thawhpuinuin min kai tho vel zialo...a bei chuar chuar a min awi mu ta mai a ni, ka thiamloh em em pawh a awmlo. Ngaihtuah ril chu maw...nangmah.. :-)

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