Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flirting with Post-modernity

As I begin writing this article I felt I was like struggling with something too big for me. I felt something like wearing my father’s shoe as a toddler. Aiming the impossible needs a miracle, a heavenly touch or a hand behind which is mightier than mine. I end up with the conclusion knowing that my brevity will not do the justice, something worth at least in trying. Here I am pouring down my funny though I had with this theory. My interest with the subject came form the ideological debate we had at Gops University of Hyderabad. As Taite-a will posed a question, “Sawmte, will there be an absolute truth, think about the fragmentation.” Trained in Foucoultian dictum he had lots to say about the lesbian and the gay how they are outcast in the society. Always advising me to study the author before I read the text. I flared upon his argument, “Taite this ideological madness had clouded over you now, think out of the box, see the Bible for yourself, what have got into you?” All these people whom you mentioned had direct ticket to hell. But if he ask, who said so? the Bible did, who wrote the Bible? Off course God, you (respected) idiot! How did he write? Through selected man? Are these men not human being? Yes they are, So what.. Then the debates goes on.

I can not denied the fact that technology revolutionized the entire society. The shift in the ideological trend form the old un-beaten Marxism which concerns with the class struggle and production, we are now structured around consumer and consumption. The funny thing we read on the news paper the American ate five times more compared to the Indian. The world with complexity, Post-modernity as far as I know is a multi-layered concept that alert us to variety of major social and cultural changes taking place in the end of the twentieth century within many advanced society, the world had moved to the era of Digital-Age. My life is incomplete when I don’t have a currency in my cell phone, when the internet server got down I sobered. The so called “reality” started to get blur, we talk of Globalization and Glocalization. The fragmented society not as a class, they started to questioned about their identity, Identity as a lesbian, gay etc., Gosh! How will we ever populated the world? My deep concern is whether these theories coincide with Biblical interpretations, If not, is this the prophesy which is dawning upon us in the end of days. My puzzle mind let me draw a conclusion, clear or unclear that these are just the tools which allow us to understand human structured society, and I truly believe that if all the theories are being fulfilled there will be chaos and turmoil in this very society. So don’t ever practice what you preach.

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